Partner up with "RakanRobot"

Transform your factories by adopting automation system that can reduce workers, optimizing productivity

By modernizing your facility, we will be able to reduce your operational cost, increasing overall efficiency

Through this scheme, we will bare the risk, guaranteeing to solve your problems, without breaking the bank

Leveraging Over 20 Years of Expertise to Deliver Cutting-Edge Automation Solutions

Less worker, Less Hassle, Less Cost

Run Consistently and Continuously, without Breaks

Lesser Defects, Lesser Problems

Rent a "RakanRobot" Without Breaking your Bank

  • Monthly Payments, with rates that will reduce your operating cost

  • Machine spare parts and maintenance are included

  • Project Value totals up to a max of RM 2 Million

Before Rakan Robot

  • 10 workers for 10 cartons per minute

  • Monthly Operation Cost of RM25K

Packing and Palletizing Process

After Rakan Robot

  • 1 Robotic Automation line for 10 cartons per minute

  • Monthly Rent Rate of RM24.5K

Brands that successfully Adopt Our Automation System

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