Automation Solution

Providing the optimized Automation Solutions, engineered to enhance your production lines, fitted to work seamlessly with your facilities

Sorting / Product Segregation

Effortlessly sort product based on your required application using our automation solutions

  • AI based Camera Systems

  • QR or Barcode Scanners

  • Segregation Works for finish goods and Rejects

  • Sorting into groups based on specifications

  • Conveying System for product separation and grouping

Carton Erector

Upgrade your packing lines by loading folded cartons that are uniformly prepared by robotic solutions :


  • Linear Robot

  • Automation Systems

Customizable based on your carton sizes and production speed


Manage multiple packing lines simultaneously using advance and high-speed systems.

We have successfully deployed systems based on various products including :

  • Plastic bottles

  • Pails

  • Instant noodle cups

  • Ice cream


Deploy complete palletizing systems that can support high speed production lines with continuous operations with minimal downtimes using :

  1. Optimized infeed and outfeed configurations to optimize product sorting :

  • 1 in 1 out

  • 1 in 2 out

  • 2 in 1 out

  • 2 in 2 out

  1. Automated Pallet Feeder System :

  • Transfers completed pallet to the next station for forklift pickup

  • Feeds new pallet for uninterrupted palletizing process

  1. Pallet Wrapper Automation :

  • Directly wrap the completed pallet with an integrated pallet wrapper system to reduce downtime


Effectively transfer products or material from pallets to further processing stations like conveyors.

It comes with “HDP series high level” and “LDP series low level” depalletizer system to meet the different requirements from the various production lines. Additional functions include:

  • Advanced HMI touchscreen panel for easy control and operation.

  • Partitions can be unloaded and stacked up automatically.

  • The pallet can be gathered and stacked up after empty containers are unloaded.

Blow Moulding Machine

Fully Electric and Continuous Heating System

  • Heating System

  • Variable Pitch System

  • Transfer System

  • PET Stretch

  • Fully Electric Stretch

Straw Applicator

Effortlessly apply straws to your products with the straw applicator machine, applicable in a variety of situations:

  • Capacity: 180 pcs/min , 250 pcs/min , 365 pcs/min(Depending on packages)

  • Application Type: Hot-melt or Adhesive transfer tape

  • Applicable Package: Paper carton (Tetra, Combibloc, IP, Pure-pak, etc.), Plastic bottle/cup, pouch etc

  • Applicable Straw: I-shaped, U-shaped, Z-shaped, Periscopic, Telescopic, spoon and spoon-fork

  • Option:

o Two head at double speed are available.

o Top or Side application are available.

Filling Process

Upgrade your filling lines with these solutions, capable of accommodating various liquid types, filling conditions and types of containers:

  • Convection Filling Type: can prevent product pollution and increase filling speed

  • Gravity Filling Type: suitable for filling fresh milk, yogurt, fresh juices with fiber, and temperature sensitive products

  • Piston Filling Type: suitable for filling liquid with high viscosity and content with granule such as yogurt, sauce and etc.

  • Equal Pressure Type: suitable for filling plastic bottle type drinks, glass bottle type drinks, or can type drinks, such as Soda water, Carbonated Soft Drinks and etc.


In-Line check weighing machine is used to check the weight of the packed product automatically in a factory floor. Each pack data result will be shown on the screen and stored in the system.

The machine is designed to be robust in construction to ensure it is long lasting in the harsh environment or conditions with easy maintenance cleanliness.

It can be interfaced with printer and computer for easy communication within the production floor.

Shrink Tunnel

Improve your packaging lines quickly by shrink wrapping your products through Electric Heat Shrink Tunnels, ensuring compete air-tight sealing.

Also suitable for shrink variety bottle shapes:

  • circle

  • square

  • oval

  • curved


Effectively seal food containers with a variety of sealing machines, which can be used with auto-cup dropping, auto filling, auto-date-stamping, second sealing, lining-up, and output equipment.

Available Sealing Machine Types:

  • Top Sealing Machine

  • Fully Automatic Rotary Sealing Machine

  • Automatic Sealing Machine


Employ a highly effective and efficient auto labelling machines, that can be highly configurable to suit your production facilities.

Labelling Type:

  • Hot Melt

  • Cold Glue

  • Sleeve Labelling

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