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Smart Agrobotic Greenhouse

Our robotics system has enabled the user to maximize its crops by minimizing the size of the walkway to have more space for plants to be seeded and grow.

Smart Robotic Seeding System

Transplanting robot is the new technology product designed by T-Robot to automate the transplanting process of crop production.

Maintenance Repair & Overhauling (MRO)

We provide after sales services such as Robot maintenance, repair and overhauling. This service is crucial to maintain a continuous operation of the production line by minimizing the downtime of the system throughout the robot’s lifespan.

Factory Robotics Packing Technology

Our team designed and fabricate an pneumatic powered end effector (gripper) that will be used to assist the Robot Arm to pick the item from the conveyor belt, separate it into three segments and place it according to its boxes.

Robotics Vision System

Robotics vision system is a linear robot equipped with a Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision system to assist the Quality Checking (QC) Process of an automotive production line. The system will gather multiple data from their daily production to identify and sort the unfit products to be recycled or scrapped.

IoT & Data Acquisition System

The Machine Data Acquisition System provides a connected, data-rich monitoring environment. This device captures real-time data from vehicles (buses, taxis and trucks) which provides detailed vehicle status to the transportation providers.

Robotics Awareness Program & Technical Training

In this programme, participants will learn about the types of Robotics & Industry 4.0 based technologies that are currently assisting the local and international industries.

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