T-Robot has been established in 2015, aimed to assist the local SMEs on adopting automation into their processes. Started with a basic mechanism, our team have created our own industrial linear robot to solve basic and repetitive tasks in the production line. With the ever evolving demand in the automation industry, our team has assisted multiple manufacturers from small to large sized factories to improve their productivity significantly by incorporating our products into an industrial scale automation solution with the assist of data. With our proven track record, we believe more manufacturers would be able to benefit from our productivity solution thus improving their profitability margin to stay relevant in this highly competitive industry

The Company


To be one of the leading productivity consultants for the global manufacturing industry


1. To educate and upskill the industrial workforce into adopting productivity into their daily operation

2. To assist manufacturers streamlining their processes by adopting digitalization transformation which increases output and minimizing wastage

3. To increase the manufacturer's output by implementing highly efficient automation process at a reasonable ROI

T-Robot Journey

Dr Ishkandar Baharin


Our Management Team

Eugene Ng
Chief Executive Officer
Hafiz Hashim
Chief Operating Officer
Ts. Engr. Syed Zaini Putra Aljamalullail
Executive Director

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