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Pal i3

3-Axis Planar Robot is an industrial Vertical 3-axis robots, use to verify industrial motors and efficient for repetitive tasks with limited space

Pal i4

4-Axis SCARA Robot is an industrial SCARA Robot use to verify industrial motor. It Repetitive and rapid transmission of small objects.


Pal i6

6-Axis Articulated Robot is an industrial vertical 6-axis robot use to verify industrial motor and perform various tasks reliably and quickly.

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SERIES #1: 3-Axis Planar Robot

A robot that can work in a vertical plane space of y-z. The limited movement required by various industrial facilities movement required by various industrial facilities can be implemented at an optimized cost, and maximise price-to-productivity



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SERIES #2: 4-Axis Scara Robot

A Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) robot that implement x-y plane and z-axis depth motion. It is moving at high speed and uses mainly for the handling of small work pieces such as electronic parts



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SERIES #3: 6-Axis, Articulated Robot

The Pal i6 is a vertical six-joint robot that can reach to all coordinates of the x, y and z three-dimensional space. It covers a wide range of tasks, which are universally available, and can be flexibly handled by various external factors, such as changes in the working form due to process changes.



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