Electrode production requires attentive and precise control to produce a systematic and orderly output, simplifying the transition from this process to the next.

Our automated sorting system reduces the manpower required to complete this process by 50% by utilizing automated Robots and Vision Systems

The size of the greenhouse plays a major role on the amount of plants that can be planted due to its limited space. Our robotics system has enabled the user to maximize its crops by minimizing the size of the walkway to have more space for plants to be seeded and grow. We have placed the plants in groups and it can be remotely transferred using a gantry robot from their station to the harvesting station.

Once the harvester has completed the tasks, the plants will be delivered back to its initial station and the gantry robot will pick up a new group of plantations for it to be harvested. The user currently only requires a small team to maintain the greenhouse by minimizing labour and manual work and maximizing their outputs.






Transplanting robot is the new technology product designed by T-Robot to automate the transplanting process of crop production.

This transplanting robot is designed to pick up previously matured seedlings together with their surrounding sowing cube peat soil and to transfer them to bigger growing cube peat soil before ready for harvesting. The target crop for this technology is coated mustard seeds.

This robot works in semi-outdoor environment with an overall dimensions of 136 cm by 75 cm by 53 cm. This new robot has double the size in its x-axis to cater the transplanting process of the seedlings whereby two trays are used simultaneously in each operation. The overall materials and designs are chosen in compliance with IP53 to ensure good resistance to dust, water and weather.

We provide after sales services such as Robot maintenance, repair and overhauling. This service is crucial to maintain a continuous operation of the production line by minimizing the downtime of the system throughout the robot’s lifespan.

Our team have the expertise in repairing and overhauling a used robot to be fully used to support a production line and upgraded the existing system to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) to cater for the Industry 4.0 solution which are much needed in the manufacturing sector. A 20 year old robotics system which has been upgraded will be connected to a set of machines that will be directly assisting the production line by increasing its output in the near future.

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Our team designed and fabricate an pneumatic powered end effector (gripper) that will be used to assist the Robot Arm to pick the item from the conveyor belt, separate it into three segments and place it according to its boxes.

This gripper will be used to support the final phase of the production line which will focus on assisting the robot arm to pack the products into its specific container.

The vision system can be applied to various fields. Our team have installed a linear robot equipped with a Aritificial Intelligence (AI) vision system to assist the Quality Checking (QC) Process of an automotive production line. The system will gather multiple data from their daily production to identify and sort the unfit products to be recycled or scrapped.

This system requires only one machine operator to maintain the system and monitor its daily operation. By introducing this system, the production line have increased its capacity for daily checking of its products to 150% of their normal capacity.






Rapid development in urban areas requires the general public to travel daily. With current inter-town connectivity via public transportation, there is constant increase of public transportation users as they find such mode of transportation affordable and convenient. With this development, public transportation providers, such as bus and taxi operators, need to ensure that their services and vehicles are up to standards and efficient to remain relevant in the industry.

The Machine Data Acquisition System provides a connected, data-rich monitoring environment. This device captures real-time data from vehicles (buses, taxis and trucks) which provides detailed vehicle status to the transportation providers. Through the system, service providers can monitor location and current task of their vehicles, vehicles’ health status, fuel consumption and carbon emission among others.

The current market trends are rapidly evolving and the industries are doing their best to keep up and stay relevant in their scope of business. The increased in demands are forcing the manufacturers to adapt Automation and Industry 4.0 based technologies to increase their efficiency and boost their productivity. In this programme, participants will learn about the types of Robotics & Industry 4.0 based technologies that are currently assisting the local and international industries.

This seminar is focused on three major components which are Adaptation of Internet of Things into the Local Ecosystem, Why industries need to adapt smart automation, and how vision system will drastically enhance a robotics system’s capabilities in handing a certain production line.



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